Vac-u-Lock & Spigot

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Once you have become accustomed to your machine, you are going to want to change toys regularly and quickly without fuss.

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We have combined the vacuum locking system (originally designed by Doc Johnson) and our own quick connect locking system.

Vac-U-Lock (Doc Johnson) provides access to literally hundreds if not thousands of toy designs on the market from various sites and stores. The mounting method is EXTREMELY reliable, unobtrusive, and safe with no jagged or sharp internals. Warning

Beware of dangerous toys with direct mounting systems, some have sharp internals that can break through the toy and cause serious injury.

Vac-U-Lock style toys are only ever made from soft materials; the rigid alloy barb that fits inside is supplied by us and is designed to be as safe as possible. So, with this system you always see exactly what you are dealing with.

Vac-U-Lock is by far the best mounting method available to date and will provide access to more quality toys than you can possibly imagine.

Once you have your toys safely and reliably mounted, you are going to want to change them quickly. That’s where quick connect comes in. Our system utilises a design originally invented for the quick connection of high-pressure air lines in industrial applications. Simply pull back the collar and the toy pops free. Push on a new toy and it snaps securely into position on the thrusting rod. Safe, effective, hygienic and fast.

One Machine F-Machine

This kit provides all you need to mount two additional toys. That’s two internal barbs and two male spigots for your quick connect system. If you don’t have a quick connect system, we can supply one, please click here.