F-Machine Alpha
Sex machine

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Mechanically sophisticated, intelligently designed and aesthetically dominant. Alpha embraces extended reality yet features incredibly simple operation.

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A sex machine that traverses experiences with funky old mechanical sex devices, introducing its owners to incredible sexual fantasies with anyone, anywhere, with the click of a privately delivered link.

Like all our machines Alpha is virtually silent yet unlike our other machines Alpha can vary its penetration depth without slowing down or stopping. From a gentle smooth slow nudge to a full-blown pounding at maximum depth penetration at 220 times per minute! All controlled from a Bluetooth connected device locally, or from the other side of the world.

Picture the scene, you just hooked up on a video link with a partner, acquaintance or even an influencer (let’s say they are in the USA, and you are in Europe). They want to share a special fantasy with you, so they present Alpha and position themselves creating a voyeur’s utopia. Once comfortable, they hand over the controls to Alpha via a secure link direct to your phone so you can now drive the machine. You start slowly and shallow but end up as fast and as deep as your partner will allow. You might have been close for years or maybe you don’t even know each other at all. Multiple everything’s happen and peak satisfaction is achieved (until next time)! That is the power of dreams, and that is the power of Alpha.

Constructed from CNC machined 6061 precision components with industrial-spec speed controller/motor and multiple sealed bearings, Alpha is designed to look aggressively elegant and perform silently and flawlessly. Fitted with an extremely powerful 4 Nm 280 rpm (max at zero load) industrial motor, adjustable on-the-fly thrust depth of 1-5.25 inches (25-133 mm) via linear actuator, variable thruster depth mechanism and dual bearing slider.

Bluetooth-enabled, with apps from both the App Store and Google Play supporting iPhone and Android - search “F-Machine Connect”.

Adjust positions and angles (even vertical) with quick release levers, adjust thrust depth and speed via Bluetooth, remote play or physical remote (supplied), change toys quickly with a click of a release collar. Everything about Alpha has been refined for fast slick operation and lightning-fast set up times.

Supplied in a discreet padded nylon transport case with an 8” silicone hypoallergenic dong.

One Machine, F-Machine