Silicone Sleeve
Tremblr part

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15,00 €
15,00 €
Customfield Child Variant

In our constant quest for your pleasure and satisfaction, we have re-designed our Tremblr sleeves from silicone, utilising the latest available moulding technology. This has allowed us to include features in the sleeve that were previously not possible. The performance has been improved immeasurably.

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The sleeves replace the old latex design which means there is no-need to buy a new receiver. Simply purchase the new silicone sleeve and install to your old receiver then get prepared for the upgraded experience.

The new rib design now allows us to lock-in lube. The lube is now trapped in the ribs the for longer periods of operation without having to top-up.

We have now moulded-in an anti-suction reinforcement ring which prevents air entering the receiver during operation

We have made the liner thinner which has saved weight by 30%

Silicone moulding has allowed the bunny branding which is always a treat.

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