PS-05 Power Supply
F-Machine part

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It took some serious head scratching, engineering and years of prototypes and testing, but we managed the impossible. We created an autosensing power supply that can deliver serious current safely and still meet all the necessary criteria for CE/UKCA.

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PS05 is the ultimate machine power supply and is the foundation of our modular machine design architecture.

Auto voltage sensing (240/110 v AC) hi-current power supply designed for use with most F-Machines; including, Gigolo, Tremblr and Pro4 (**note** previous versions of Pro use different power supplies, contact us for more information).

One Machine, F-Machine


Beware of copy products that do not conform to rigorous safety standards (no matter what the label says). F-machine is UK based, fully accountable and audited by UK trading standards.

This power supply is specially designed to provide the high levels of current our machines require to deliver the punch you have come to expect. DO NOT try to use laptop power supplies to drive your machine. They may look the same but the voltage and the current are totally different. different.