F-Machine Tremblr BT-R
Milking machine

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Tremblr/Tremblr BT-R is our hands-free masturbation machine designed to suck and fuck you relentlessly. Owning a Tremblr means you can demand on-tap expertly executed blow-jobs, that you control luxuriously from your mobile device or remote control.

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Now featuring our all-new silicone sleeves for a softer more sensual experience that will leave you screaming for more!!

Tremblr BT-R now features Bluetooth connectivity and a simple to use, easily downloadable app (search for F-Machine Connect in the Apple App or Google Play stores). A significant upgrade to the experience from what has become THE globally recognised gobbling machine (BT-R machine only)

Now includes Remote Play, via the F-Machine Connect app, allowing you to control a machine from anywhere in the world. Suck off your boyfriends in voyeur style and watch them struggle not to cum. Edge them on screen, Doms take note of your new remote location abuse capability. All from the brand new Tremblr BT-R model!

Tremblr is now wearable with our 525 shorts, for those who lust after extra security and comfort or simply love the idea of using a virtual reality headset with ease.. Wearable Tremblr is going to revolutionise male masturbation forever (compatible with ALL Tremblr machines).

Tremblr never gets tired, Tremblr never gets bored. Tremblr can suck your dick soft, slow and sensually, or it can take you balls deep sucking and fucking you to a high speed frenzied climax. It’s hard to imagine, but you will start to look at the Tremblr milking machine as your new lover, you will get excited by Tremblr’s mere presence in the room and yes it’s more than likely you will fall in love with your machine.

If you are lucky enough to own the BT-R model, you can also hook your machine up via Bluetooth and control it from your mobile device, or if you are feeling extra kinky, offer the control to a remote friend to drive the machine for you from anywhere in the world. Got a room full of F-Machines? No problem, switch from one machine to the next, all from your phone.

Tremblr takes its name from the effect it will have on your legs, literally leaving you shaking and trembling blowing your cock and your mind together in one big powerful hit. It’s a little expensive, but the best things in life generally are. This isn’t a toy you will get bored with after 5 minutes, this is a toy you will re-arrange your life to spend more time with, forever making excuses to find those extra few minutes to spend with your new lover.

Like all our machines, Tremblr is quiet, in fact it’s by far the quietest machine we have ever built. The only way your neighbours will know what you are doing, is if you can’t keep a lid on your guaranteed over-excitement.

Perfect as a discreet home masturbation machine or as an addition to your fetish set-up/dungeon.

For Doms, this is the perfect edging tool for your willing subjects.

Guaranteed to assist men with pre-ejaculation training.

Guaranteed to assist men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, Tremblr can help you orgasm even without an erection (but is extremely effective at creating erections).